Oct 31 2017

Meet the Playwright: Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo is a talented, versatile, and prolific artist. The power of his play “Dot” is how it portrays a family in the middle of a crisis with warmth, joy, and just a bit of sass.

Oct 23 2017

Sense and Sensibility Resources

Professor Inger Brodey’s ENG 340 students have collaborated to provide audience members with “Sense and Sensibility” material for further study.

Oct 17 2017

Taibi Magar Comes Full Circle

Taibi Magar saw her first play at PlayMakers. Now she gets to see the Paul Green Theatre from the other side of the footlights.

Oct 12 2017

An Award for Playwright Mike Wiley

The UNC-Chapel Hill has awarded playwright Mike Wiley with its Distinguished Alumnus Award, which recognizes alumni who have made outstanding contributions to humanity.

Sep 28 2017

When Love Meets Cake

Della is a heteronormative, conservative Christian. Macy is a liberal agnostic who identifies as queer. In most worlds, these two people would never meet.

Sep 26 2017

Cake and Critical Intersectionality

There’s such incredible interest in “The Cake” and the conversation surrounding it, that we’ve added a new panel to our Saturday matinee.

Sep 25 2017

The Musical DNA of “The Cake”

Composer Bruno Louchouarn sheds some light on the “musical DNA” of his North-meets-South compositions for “The Cake.”

Sep 21 2017

History is Happening at PlayMakers

It’s been an historic couple of weeks here at PlayMakers! Amid the bustle of our season opener, came three incredible announcements that have us bursting with excitement.

Sep 20 2017

A Negotiation of Love

What if the contending peoples of the world would just sit down over some cake and talk through their troubles? Such is sweet-natured Della’s benign vision.