Oct 9 2015

Ray Dooley: Finding and Becoming Leonard in Seminar

In Seminar, Ray Dooley plays the ruthless and frank character of Leonard, a writer/editor who conducts private seminars with young writers looking for both expert criticism and connections to the field of publishing.

Oct 5 2015

What We Can Learn Through Seminar

Michael Dove, founding Artistic Director of Forum Theatre in Washington, DC and winner of three Helen Hayes Awards, makes his PlayMakers debut directing Seminar. Michael says, “the thing I most often find myself thinking about in rehearsals for this play is how painfully difficult it is to know yourself.”

Sep 29 2015

Critical Acclaim for Disgraced

Mainstage Season opener Disgraced is making an impact on audiences and critics alike. Read what reviewers have to say about this “profound” Pulitzer Prize-winner.

Sep 24 2015

On Ayad Aktar and Disgraced

Ayad Akhtar is a storyteller. By profession, he is an actor, a playwright, a novelist and a filmmaker…

Sep 15 2015

Nephelie Andonyadis Sets the Stage for Disgraced

Nephelie Andonyadis knows what draws her to a project: a combination of intriguing, important material, an aesthetic challenge, exciting collaborators and the chance to work within the fabric of a community. With PlayMakers’ production of Disgraced, she’s “grateful to have the opportunity to explore this remarkably insightful, challenging, and chiseled play with gifted collaborators who are dear old colleagues and new found friends.”

Sep 3 2015

Director Shishir Kurup on the daring of Disgraced

“I wanted to direct Disgraced for a number of reasons, one being that it doesn’t shy away from the challenging and provocative questions of co-existence in the United States with its celebration of diversity and requisite fall out of that hybridity; namely a culture where people feel like they belong everywhere while also feeling like… Read more »

Aug 21 2015

Creating Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam – Part 2: Taking the Story Onstage

Trieu Tran shares some thoughts on taking his autobiographical play from “page to stage.” Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam is Trieu’s first solo play, written with co-author Robert Egan. They developed the piece in 2011 at the Ojai Playwrights Conference, where Robert is Artistic Director/Producer. Then they took it to Seattle where ACT/A Contemporary Theatre… Read more »

Aug 18 2015

Creating Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam – Part 1: Inspiration and Conception

In this season’s PRC2 opener, Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam, creator/performer Trieu Tran shares an intense autobiographical journey. How did he and collaborator/director Robert Egan turn his true story into a riveting theatrical performance? “Robert and I were doing a play together in New York about the aftermath of the Viet Nam War on a… Read more »

Jul 21 2015

Beating the Odds: How Guys and Dolls Conquered Broadway, America, and the World

by Gregory KablePart Two: America and the World, or My Time of Day Frank Loesser rehearsing Marlon Brando and Edward Hopper’s poignant Nighthawks (1942).(www.mtishowspace.comwww.mtishowspace.com) (www.edwardhopper.net) My time of day is the dark time A couple of deals before dawn When the street belongs to the cop And the janitor with the mop And the grocery… Read more »